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Exploiting neuronal biology to fight tumor progression. Instructor prof Marco Arese

Prof. Marco Arese (Coordinatore)
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This project is devoted to the study of tumor-microenvironment interactions and their role in progression of the disease. In particular, we want to exploit the presence of evolutionarily co-opted nervous proteins in the heterogeneous tumor tissue, and all the relative knowledge stemming from the neurobiology field, to bring novel therapeutic tools in oncology. Neuroligin, a transmembrane synaptic protein, and its molecular partners, represent our paradigmatic nervous targets

 Neuroligin is produced by by both tumor cells and the nearby nerves and could be an important player in the  growth and especially diffusion of cancer (metastatization) by mediating the invasion of  existing nerve arborescences (perineural invasion or PNI) by tumor cells,  or  by stimulating nerve growth towards the cancer mass (neo-neurogenesis)

We want to test this hypothesis, and in particular we want to reach these goals:
( i ) define the role of Neuroligin in the release of signals that modulate nerve growth (e.g. neurotropic factors) and in the direct contacts between tumor and nerve cells. This will be done by evaluating the contribution of both the tumoral and neuronal  Neuroligin, and focusing particularly on some of the most PNI-prone cancers (pancreatic and prostatic carcinomas) 
(ii) Study the ‘autonomous’ roles that tumoral Neuroligin plays in the behavior of cancer cells, from proliferation to tumor growth, to invasion, in vitro and vivo. These aspects will be studied with particular attention to colorectal cancer (CRC), for the large amount of knowledge and ‘reagents’ available in this Institute, and because CRC is also subject to PNI. 

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Progetto del corso: Meccanismi molecolari che regolano lo sviluppo del tumore e delle metastasi


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Laboratory of Neurovascular Biology-Candiolo Cancer Institute FPO IRCCS

Department of Oncology University of Torino School of Medicine


Phone 0119933846

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