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Identification and validation of novel therapeutic strategies in Gastric Cancer. Instructor prof Silvia Giordano

Prof.ssa Silvia Giordano (Coordinatore)
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Programma MD-PhD della Scuola di Medicina
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Background: Gastric cancer (GC) was the world's third leading cause of cancer mortality in 2012. In spite of the significant therapeutic advances, the overall clinical outcome for patients with advanced gastric cancer is poor. Several molecular therapies for GC entered clinical trials but, with the exception of Trastuzumab and Ramucirumab, all of them failed.

Aims: This project aims at identifying and validating novel targeted therapeutic strategies in GC, taking advantage of a multi-level platform of GC models, comprising more than 150 PDXs (Patient-derived xenografts), primary cell lines and organoids. To our knowledge, this is the widest GC PDX platform generated in an academic institution.

Experimental Design: Exploiting this proprietary and unique resource, we aim to: (1) provide a strong scientific basis for the rational selection of GC patients for anti-HER2 therapies through the identification of positive and negative predictors of response; (2) identify novel therapeutic strategies effective in Trastuzumab resistant tumors; (3) investigate mechanisms of acquired resistance to Trastuzumab; (4) re-evaluate EGFR as a therapeutic target in a subgroup of GC patients; (5) investigate the role of KRAS in gastric cancer; (6) explore therapeutic possibilities in EBV+ and MSI+ GCs, at present without therapeutic options beyond chemotherapy and surgery; (7) identify novel biologically relevant molecular targets in GC through unbiased approaches; (8) modelling the metastatic disease by use of PDOX (orthotopic PDXs).

Expected Results: As a whole, the results of this project will provide a scientific basis for future clinical applications and guide the rational design of molecularly-oriented clinical trials for gastric cancer.


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Coworker: prof. Simona Corso

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  • Progetto del Corso Basi molecolari delle Terapie mirate per la cura del cancro

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Cancer Molecular Biology Laboratory

Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment

Strada Provinciale 142

100 60 Candiolo, Torino (Italy)

tel. +39 011 9933233

Fax +39 011 9933225

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